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Want a powerful new way to grow your business? Then use one of OUR informational Q&A websites to drive traffic to YOURS.

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These sites include Q&A videos that answer the questions people ask about massage services,
plus text Q&As, massage articles, and most of all, FEATURED ADS,
that highlight your expertise and expand your reach.

This is so easy – you don’t have to produce ANY content!

We have two options – free ads and one sponsored ad.

 Free Ads

Free ads are available until someone takes the sponsored ad spot. Free ads are shown in 4 spots on the website. Each ad contains your business name and a link to your website. If there are more than 4 websites claiming the free ad spots, they will be rotated automatically.


Free Ad Spots

ONE Sponsored Ad

Only ONE sponsored ad is available. This is a paid ad, and the business that takes this spot will be the only massage business promoted. At this point, free ads will finish out the week, and then be removed.

Your business information and link will be prominently displayed at the top of every page, plus large spots in the center and near the end of the page, plus in the footer.
There’s no way a visitor can miss
seeing your business.

You’ll get these large ads for your business on every page.

Your company will get all the credit for providing all the helpful Questions & Answers provided on this website.

Your customers and clients will love you for it!

All Traffic Sent to Your Main Website

We have massage websites in multiple cities and more are being added.